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In my roles at Akamai, the Internet Society, Fastly and Cloudflare, I have had the opportunity to appear on industry podcasts and local media programs to talk about topics including Akamai's State of the Internet Report, Internet disruptions and Internet resilience, broadband connectivity, IPv6 adoption, and security threats. Unfortunately, not all broadcast media appearances (international television & radio) were archived.

  1. CLOUDFLARE.TV - Video conversations with Cloudflare coworkers covering a number of topics including Internet disruptions, protocol evolution, application security, and Internet traffic trends. [2022-]
  2. BBC TECH LIFE - I spoke with host Shiona McCallum about findings from the Cloudflare Radar 2023 Year in Review. [DECEMBER 2023]
  3. NETWORK AF (EPISODE 15) - I talked with Network AF host and Kentik CEO Avi Freedman about data analysis and trends in understanding online activity. [APRIL 2022]
  4. THE INTERNET REPORT (EPISODE 31) - I spoke with hosts Angelique Medina and Archana Kesavan Of ThousandEyes about Internet traffic trends related to holiday online shopping and charitable giving as observed on Fastly's network. [DECEMBER 2020]
  5. THOUSANDEYES STATE OF THE INTERNET VIRTUAL SUMMIT - I chaired a discussion on "Internet Resiliency During COVID-19" with panelists Jana Iyengar of Fastly (a CDN provider), Scott Rasmussen of NYC Mesh (a community network), and Jim Troutman of NNENIX (an Internet exchange point). [JULY 2020]
  6. THE INTERNET REPORT (EPISODE 3) - I spoke with hosts Angelique Medina and Archana Kesavan Of ThousandEyes about Internet outage trends, recent availability issues with state unemployment sites, the Internet Disruption Report, and my work at the Internet Society. [APRIL 2020]
  7. THE CYBERWIRE DAILY PODCAST - I spoke with host Dave Bittner about the Sovereign Internet Law that recently went into effect in Russia and how efforts like it may ultimately affect a free and open global Internet. [December 2019]
  8. HIGH TECH FORUM - I spoke with host Richard Bennett about the state of Internet reliability, covering topics including BGP and routing security, the importance of personal relationships between network operators, security strategies, and the growing use of Internet shutdowns as blunt instruments for controlling populations. [OCTOBER 2019]
  9. HIGH TECH FORUM - I spoke with host Richard Bennett about a wide range of topics, including the importance of the Internet’s ongoing transition to IPv6, as well as data concerning average Internet speeds around the world and the correlation of that information to population demographics, rates of adoption, and innovation. [DECEMBER 2015]
  10. ITWIRE - I spoke with iTWire editor Alex Zaharov-Reutt about Akamai's Q4 2014 State of the Internet Report, and more specifically, about Australia's position within the report's metrics and related trends over time. [MARCH 2015]
  11. CYBER LAW & BUSINESS REPORT (EPISODE 145) - I spoke with host Bennet Kelley of the Internet Law Center about Akamai's Q1 2014 State of the Internet Report. Topics included Internet connection speeds, broadband connectivity, DDoS attack traffic, and mobile connectivity.
  12. VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO - I spoke with host Steve Zind about the sharp quarterly drop seen in Vermont's average connection speed, and the underlying cause of the change. [OCTOBER 2013]
  13. VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO - I spoke with host Steve Zind about Vermont's average connection speed and how two colleges and in ISP in the state skewed the average higher. [JULY 2013]

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