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Beginning with my Bachelors Thesis, and continuing to the present day, I have focused my writing on Internet- and Web-related topics. I excel at making highly technical topics more accessible to a broader audience, as well as telling data-driven stories. This work has resulted in increased visibility and media exposure for projects I was involved in, as well as my employers.

  1. CLOUDFLARE BLOG POSTS - Posts covering a variety of topics leveraging Cloudflare Radar data and other data derived from Cloudflare's global network. [READ]
  2. FASTLY BLOG POSTS - Posts covering a variety of topics leveraging data derived from the Fastly content delivery and security platforms. Published November 2020 - December 2021. [READ]
  3. PARTICIPANT/CONTRIBUTOR - Participated in/contributed to the development of the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG) Technical Working Group Report on 2020 Pandemic Network Performance. [READ]
  4. INTERNETDISRUPTION.REPORT - An independent blog that provides a monthly overview of global Internet disruptions and outages as seen through several publicly available monitoring/measurement tools. Published May 2019 - May 2020. (Currently on hiatus) [READ]
  5. INTERNET SOCIETY BLOG POSTS - Regular blog posts covering relevant topics of interest, including Internet shutdowns, Internet freedom, and Internet resilience. Published November 2019 - October 2020. [VIEW ARCHIVE]
  6. LAST MONTH IN INTERNET INTELLIGENCE - Monthly blog post series that reviewed significant Internet disruptions identified each month through the Oracle Internet Intelligence Map, including research to identify root causes for these disruptions. Published July 2018 - March 2019. [VIEW ARCHIVE]
  7. ORACLE INTERNET INTELLIGENCE BLOG POSTS - Posts covering a variety of topics leveraging various Oracle Internet Intelligence data sets. Published September 2017 - June 2018. [VIEW ARCHIVE
  8. WALL STREET JOURNAL SPONSORED CONTENT - Year-end articles summarizing Internet disruptions identified through Oracle Internet Intelligence tools and data. Published February 2019 and December 2017. [Why the Internet Goes Dark: Politics, Cable Cuts…and Exam Day | 2017 in Review: Year of Global Internet Disruptions]
  9. FINDING YOURSELF: THE CHALLENGES OF ACCURATE GEOLOCATION - Multi-format program highlighting the challenges of accurately geolocating IP addresses, issues with existing solutions, the importance of using accurate IP address geolocation information, and the impacts of inaccurate geolocation. Published January 2018. [BLOG POST | EBOOK | WEBINAR]
  10. PARTICIPANT/CONTRIBUTOR - Represented Akamai on National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC). Participated in/contributed to the development of NSTAC Report to the President on Information and Communications Technology Mobilization and NSTAC Report to the President on the Internet of Things.
  11. AKAMAI STATE OF THE INTERNET/CONNECTIVITY REPORT - A quarterly report series highlighting Internet connection speeds (fixed & mobile) around the world, IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 adoption trends, browser usage trends, and Internet outages, based on data from Akamai's services and the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Grew to generate hundreds of pieces of earned media coverage around the world each quarter. Published Q1 2008 - Q1 2017. [VIEW ARCHIVE]
  12. AKAMAI STATE OF THE INTERNET BLOG POSTS - Posts covering a variety of State of the Internet-related topics, including historical trending, broadband connectivity, Internet outages, and changes to covered metrics. Published 2011 - 2017. [VIEW ARCHIVE]
  13. IPv6 READINESS TOOL - Led a team of Internet industry stakeholders in developing a template to enable an enterprise's management team to understand their state of IPv6 readiness, including managing risk associated with IPv4 address space exhaustion. Published April 2011. [READ]
  14. HOW WILL THE INTERNET SCALE? - An Akamai white paper that examined the benefits of a distributed architectural model for supporting hundreds of Terabits/second (Tbps) of Web traffic. Published 2008. [READ]
  15. WEB DEVELOPER MAGAZINE - A series of articles published in Mecklermedia's short-lived Web Developer magazine. Written in conjunction with the Webmasters' Guild. Published 1996-7. [Who's Using Java? Survey Results | A Brief History of Webmastery | You Want It When?]
  16. DAVE RAGGETT - THE WORKING DRAFT - A professional biography of Dr. Dave Raggett, a key contributor to early World Wide Web standards development. Published Summer 1996 in the World Wide Web Journal from O'Reilly Media. [READ]
  17. THE NETWORK NATION REVISITED - A critical review of The Network Nation to assess the impact that Computer Mediated Communication has had since the book's publication in 1978. Bachelors Thesis, Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ), published May 1994. [READ]

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